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Hi there,

I am 24 and my penis size is 3.5-4 when erect. Is it a problem, because I have heard of penis size of 7-8 inches.

So please suggest. And if it is a big problem then can u help me out. What are the methods of penis enlargement?

Thank You


Hi Chris! The AVERAGE length of a erect penis is about 6 - 6.5 inches! BUT most men do NOT measure correctly! Use a measuring TAPE - as there are usual curves etc.! Place the beginning of the tape RIGHT at the beginning of your penis RIGHT next to your stomach - where the penis comes from the pubic area! Make sure your penis is TOTALLY erect - like it couldn't get anymore erect - hold the penis and then with the other end measure right to the end! Remember that 6 inches is the average! So half will be less and the other half will be more! In varying degrees! A very large penis has it's own problems - lack of erection, too big for the woman! As most vaginas are about 6 inches long! Also remember to measure in a warm room - as even the cold can cause a lack of erection size! Hope this helps! And remember virtually ALL men worry a bout the size of their penis's just like women worry about their breast size! Be glad of what you have!