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All I can say for anyone on this site is that if you feel uncomfortable with your body don't be! There's a reason you have that body. I'm 14 and I weigh 162 pounds. I feel happy and content. If someone calls you fat it's there problem not yours. Don't give into pressure or other peoples thinking. You are yourself you are beautiful YOU ARE YOU.

You don't need diets or pills or makeup to be beautiful it's inside of you. You just need to bring it out and show people you are strong and confident and don't care what they think!

If you still feel like you need to lose weight don't use pills because they will harm your body and may cause complications later.
Exercise as much as you feel as needed or as much as you can. Never tire your self or harm yourself to be skinny. Self-harm to be skinny will never be in!
Eat healthy and green, fruits and vegetables are the best choice but you can always treat yourself to a little something if you've been good! ;-)

A homegrown garden is the most rewarding because you can grow your own veggies get a work out and eat healthy to!
Encourage other people also to be the best they can be, and remember YOU ARE YOU.


a girl i love said "love yourself first" and i agree a lot, maybe that's why she do not love me.