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Does it seem as though you are stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day in and day out with no relief? Are you overwhelmed with the routine? Life, Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer Gail Kasper helps us break free from the mundane and get creative.

Does it seem as though you are stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day in and day out with no relief? Are you overwhelmed with the routine? Believe it or not, statistics show that about 80% of your day is routine. That doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it? We get up at the same time, drive the same route to work, eat the same foods. We are so predictable – how mundane?

If you fall into this category, it may be time to tap into your creative spirit.  

Many people get so caught up in everyday tasks that must be done, they never even think about what might exist outside of their immediate world when really, the possibilities are endless.

Are you one of those people who says that "I just don’t have a ‘creative bone in my body?’ Or is the real truth that you have not learned how to tap into your personal power?

One of the best ways to open your mind to a greater level of creativity and reap the rewards of the new ideas that follow is through exercise therapy. That’s right, what’s good for your body is also great for your mind.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to increase your creativity:

1. Get intense with your workout

One of the best ways to bring out more creativity is to start performing more intense workout sessions. Many people don’t push themselves hard enough during their workouts to get a positive flow of ‘endorphins’ moving throughout their body.

These endorphins are what naturally calms the mind, energizes the body, and enhances creative thoughts. You know that really good feeling you have during and after a workout. That’s your endorphins working for you. They give you that little push, a feeling of hope, energy, and life. Furthermore, when exercising in an intense fashion, most people find they get into a ‘zone.’ In other words, their mind tends to wander to more creative ideas and problem solving. They aren’t wrapped up in the stressful thoughts of the day and are open to exploring other thought patterns. This usually happens for me when I am on a treadmill.

To capitalize on this effect, you do need to work at a very high intensity level, so think interval sprint training, boot camp sessions, or circuit training using heavy lifting. Each of these will help to bring about endorphin release and open your mind to a creative place.

2. Perform relaxation-based exercises

Alternately, not all exercise needs to be very intense to open your creative mind. Taking the opposite route can also help. For example, practice yoga or meditation, both of which will help you feel more open to new ideas.

Your focus here is to quiet all those worries of the day so that you focus on new and unique ideas. When you perform a yoga class, you might just be surprised as to how much your mind extends beyond the norm.

3. Try new workout options

Finally, to help boost mental creativity, try getting creative with your workout. Do exercises that you’ve never done before – and consider going outside to do them. You might decide to take a high-knees exercise outside and do a sprint or a push-up frog to the park. Another option might be to take your 20-pound medicine ball to your backyard, throw it overhead, and then chase after it. This will workout both your arms and legs, while getting in some cardio. New surroundings from the everyday routine may open your mind to new thoughts.

No matter what you try, it’s so important to keep your mind working in new directions.

It enables risk taking and strengthens confidence levels. You deserve that!

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