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Nothing seems to work, I've had dandruff since I was a teenager and tried nearly everything, including the following:


Selsun Blue Naturals (Salicylic acid 3%), Selsun Blue Medicated (Selenium sulfide 1%), Head & Shoulders AD (Zinc), Head & Shoulders (Pyrithione Zinc), Nizoral AD (Ketoconazole 1%), Neutrogena T/Gel (Coal Tar 1%), Janson Dandruff Relief (Sulfur 2%, Salicylic acid 2%)

Topical Steroids:

Fluocinide, Clobetasol

Alternatives: Salt Wate, rMineral Oil, Vinegar Rinse, Fish Oil Pills, Multi-Vitamins

I only used vinegar once and it smelled horrible and seemed to make me worse so I didn't try it again. Same with mineral oil, I'm not sure how people can put that greasy stuff in their hair. I've been to two dermatologists that both said Psoriasis even though I always thought my symptoms were more inline with dermatitis. I even got my thyroid levels checked and they were normal.

So what the heck can I do? I'm feeling hopeless at this point and can't keep tossing money at dermatologists and expensive steroids.


I have had problems with dandruff before too!its common and can be treated with a salon hair treatment moisturizer for hair.but if you have had dandruff for more than 3 years in a row it could be brain/scalp particle syndrome.dont worry its rare but I would check with your doctor for brain particle syndrome ☺


 Don't toss out all those dark suits just yet. There's a better way to deal with dandruff. As a matter of fact, you may be able simply to wash it away with our home remedies.