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Could your Christmas tree be responsible for that "cold" you have been having? Or is your headache be the result of the spray-on snow that made your home look so pretty? The answer is yes, but you can do a lot to minimize exposure to Christmas allergens.

Indoor snow can quickly turn your home from its boring old pre-Christmas state into a magical holiday world — it's no wonder that spray on snows are so popular with little children. Unfortunately many of these snow aerosols contain acetone or methylene chloride. These chemicals can give people a headache, as well as making them nauseous and dizzy. Spray-on snow can have an especially profound effect if you use it frequently during the holiday period.


Christmas decorations are often produced in China and other countries that do not prioritize health and safety. Lead-based paints are therefore not uncommon. If you decorate your tree while wearing latex gloves, this is unlikely to harm you in any way. Those families who have small children in the house need to be more cautious, however. Kids love Christmas decorations and will almost certainly take them out of the tree and hold them. Decorations made of thin glass are a risky idea for the same reason.

Like artificial Christmas trees, decorations stored in your home can also accumulate dust and other allergens throughout the year. Storing them in containers that will not let dust in, like Tupperware, may help a little. Wiping all your decorations down with a wet cloth before you use them will minimize your exposure to allergens. Vacuum cleaning frequently throughout the holiday period will help as well.

All I Want For Christmas Is Food Poisoning

Are you hosting a Christmas dinner? If you are inviting anybody who you don't know very, very closely, you should always check if there are any food allergies to take into account. If, on the other hand, you or your children have any food allergies and you are having Christmas dinner elsewhere, it is your duty to inform the host family. Only you know how serious the allergies you are dealing are, and how they are best handled.

Food allergies are an obvious hazard that people who have them take very seriously. Food poisoning is another perhaps overlooked Christmas hazard. You can work toward preventing food poisoning by washing your hands frequently, and scrubbing your chopping boards very thoroughly. Boiling water is a good idea too. Did you know that the average chopping board contains more bacteria than a toilet seat?

Cook all foods properly, and pay special attention to meat. Meat should be defrosted in the microwave or fridge, and you should always take special care to avoid contaminating food by using utensils with which you have touched meat.

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