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I think that if you have healthy foods at your holiday party, you cant really choose to not eat well. Even though both of those foods are really good, I don't think many people would have them at their holiday parties. These foods take up more calories while getting digested than what they have in them. Once you eat them and the food reaches your digestive system your metabolic rate increases and processing the food begins by using up calories. The body uses up a lot more calories to process these foods than what they contain. Healthy foods at holiday parties can be party foods, they don't have to granola bars and rice.

Sean Cruz :-)


This post gives us something to consider, and I will. This would be a huge transition for me. I try to eat healthy when I'm not a parties and if I were honest, I look forward to the "bad" foods when I go to holiday parties. LOL...I don't know what I'd do if I went to one and there was absolutely no bad food like, sugar stuff, meat dishes, etc. I will really think about this as I am sure other members will also. Thanks for the info.