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I had breast implants, arms lift, tummy tuck, buttock lift and face lift in Bolivia last year, I was waiting to see my results to say something negative or positive.

I can just say that my results are excellent!!!!!!!!111
I love them!!!!!

****, I have no words for him, he is just a magician!

When I see my before and after pictures, is like if I were looking another person, not me. Its hard to find a good surgeon nowadays, money is all what they want when they see you, some of them dont even listen to you, I have seen many surgeons in Miami,LA and then in Canada but to be honest I didnt feel like giving my body to anyone, I was really afraid of this big change; finally I found **** website ****, I loved it so at the end my decision was to go there and I have no regrets at all.

If you would like some information:

The Clinic was very clean and the nurses were lovely
My assistant Beatriz was also very nice and she looked after me all the time where I was there.
The 5 stars hotel is not as beautiful but is really confortable, If I would have to go again I would like to stay in the Camino Real not in the Best Western.
*** is just the best!
The appointments are normally at 21:00pm because the surgeon works really hard all day.
Food. I didnt like the food in the Best Western so as soon as I could I went to eat to different lovely places around the city.

I hope that this can help you!

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I am curious how you went about researching thsi surgery in Bolivia. Did you use a medical travel company? How did you pick the surgeon and the travel company? How much were the procedures? What was the hospital or clinic like? What country did you travel from? I do not know how to find all this out.

I had surgery a long time ago in the states, 2 different procedures ; the first went fine and the second was not as perfect. I know there are risks, but even at home with references , it is hard to find the right surgeon. I have read 3 books about medical travel and still do not see how people go about it really. I sure would hate to have a bad face lift of all things! But I absolutely can't afford it in the US, that's for sure.


I am 3 weeks postop, and I went to Argentina. The staff and my doctor was amazing!!!!!!!! I went for consults in Vancouver BC at the best clinic in BC and felt that I was just a meal ticket to them.

I would recomend going out of North America for any surgery, I married into a family of health professionals, including a scrub nurse for a Vancouver Plastic Surgen and all of them encourged me to go through a medi tourism company. I ended up using GoSculptura out of Montreal Que. they answered my ? asap, and once I got to Argintina I was taken such good care of,
My GP here at home removed my stiches and she is amazed at the beauty of my new bellybutton (which speaks for a surgeons skill) and she says that my incesion is one of the best she has seen.

As a side note, I had breast reduction at Vancouvers premire facility 8 years ago, and my GP told me that I should have asked my Argintina Dr. if he could do something with the scar line, she was never impressed.


Hi kellsmoll,
You question was "I am curious how you went about researching thsi surgery in Bolivia. Did you use a medical travel company?". The response is very easy... you can find the right place thank's to the testimonials than people like vivian9089 have posted on forum like this one!!
I was in the same case than yours. I couldn't afford a plastic surgery in the US but making search on internet I read so many patient reviews who have gone to South America for their plastic surgery.
I read a lot of helpful info and the pictures convinced me to give a try anyway as I was very depressed with my body not responding as quickly to my exercise routine.
I finally choose to go to Bolivia because in my opinion it's the country where you can find the best relation quality / price. The surgeons who performed my surgery are really the best of best. I had a nose job done, liposuction and breast augmentation.
I liked the positive and encouraging tone of the entire staff. They follow-up so well with a process that smoothes your treated area after the procedure. The emphasis was also on 'what I could do to keep improving'. The tone at the Clinic is not fancy and the staff is not patronizing. They are very real and easy to contact and give quick response.

My procedures have been the answer to a greatly improved body and I'm really happy I did it. (My scars were small and were noticeable for close to 6months but they are not visable anymore).


I would love to know what that website was.


Hi Ielisomo .. can you please let me know the name of the Surgeon I am planning to have surgery however I dont have any recommendations yours seems amazing.. thank you x



Can you give me the name of your surgeon and your clinic
Did you go by yourself or with makeover travel
Thank you for your response
Have a great day


Wouldmyou please tell me the name of your surgeon..I have been to Santa Cruz for surgery they make over travel ten years ago...and I know they make more money than the actual I would like to work thrumthe surgeon if possible..
Thanks so much