No matter if it were to be slimmer, have a more prominent chin, or be more sensuous, as much as 85 % of American adult would undergo facial plastic surgery to improve their appearance.

AAFPRS (The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) that includes over 2,700 facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons around the world has recently found that 80 % of the people involved in their study preferred certified facial plastic surgeons to perform procedures on their faces, necks and heads.

One of the main reasons why cosmetic procedures continue to gain popularity is this society we live in where physical appearance plays a major role in many aspects of our lives. You need to look good to get a good job, to find a soul-mate and even to make friends.

However, most surgical as well as non-surgical procedures are performed as luxuries and not from necessity. The number of procedures done has increased 27% in both sexes in the last decade.

A research performed by Kelton Research shows that, if given a free service, most patients would first choose to have an eyelift. Other popular procedures include neck surgeries, nose jobs, face-lifts, and breast enhancements. Among men, nose jobs ranked number one while the demand for Botox® and collagen treatments rose for both sexes.

The latest cosmetic surgery on the market is called “bra line back lift”. With this new procedure, your bra rolls, where rolls of skin come over the top of the bra, underneath the bra, or even both, on a lady’s back, could be history with the scars hidden by the bra line.

Even in these hard economic times, $13 billion had been spent on cosmetic procedures last year.