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Both women and men have strong physiological responses to sexual intercourse during the morning that they don't have at other times of day. Here's why morning sex is becoming the new wake-up for millions of couples.

One of the common concerns about morning sex is morning breath. You have probably seen an explicit depiction of the problem in mouthwash commercials. The happy couple rolls over and meets face to face, gazing into each other's eyes, smiling with anticipation of lovemaking, and then both go "Eww" when they realize that bacterial growth in the mouth and on the tongue has created halitosis.

What To Do About Morning Breath

This doesn't have to be a barrier to morning lovemaking. A quick trip to the bathroom to brush the teeth will freshen the breath, without taking so much time that people get out of the mood. It's a good idea to use toothpaste that is flavored with peppermint. Aromatherapists tell us that peppermint is mildly stimulating to libido. If the mood for getting back to bed is waning, peppermint will help perk it up again.

To Shower or Not to Shower

It's not a good idea, however, to spend too much time in general deodorizing. Most couples completely lose the mood for sex in the morning after a shower, unless they shower together. Sharing a shower often presents logistical issues. When there is just one shower head, just one partner can get clean at a time. (This often is not a problem.) Dual shower heads allow for efficiencies that help couples enjoy morning sex without being late for work.

When a couple recognizes it's time for sex and it's time for sex right now, not having used deodorant should not be a problem. The musky scent of mild underarm odor, many couples find, is a mild aphrodisiac. Women, in particular, recognize their mates by their scents and pheromones, at least on an unconcious level.

Best Morning Sex Positions

What if odor is not an issue but grogginess is?

This is when sexual position makes a difference. Many couples prefer to assume the spooning position for morning sex. This enables the man to use his hands to stimulate more areas of his partner's body without the need to exert the effort required for the missionary position or doggie style.

If the man is lying on his back when the alarm goes off, certain areas for manual stimulation should be, well, obvious. And if he's obviously in the mood for sex, a quick slip of the pj's or nightie should be enough for him to get the message. Odors or their absence may not even make much of a difference.

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