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Hi everyone. I'm trying to lose weight since January and it's a rollercoaster ride to be honest. I lost 10lbs, and I gained 11. Then again I lost 7lbs, then I gained 5. I'm making one step forward, two steps backward all the time. All thanks to food craving I simply cannot control. I can't resist all delicious food. It's so tempting, because it's so good. I tried honestly, but without success. I really suck at motivating myself. I'm sure all of us who are trying to lose weight have had a problem with food cravings, so I'm hoping someone here can help me with an advice. How do you control your cravings? I'd appreciate if you could share your plan I could follow.


Hi. One of the best things to fight cravings is to have a glass of water when you feel hungry. Cravings often pass as quickly as 30 seconds after you drink water. Also, sometimes the thirst is confused for hunger, so having a glass of water may help. Instead of water you can have plenty of fruit or nuts, because they are all small and healthy snacks that won't affect you as much s proper meal. Also, break your meals into several smaller portions throughout the day. So, you'll always be eating something instead of overeating with 2 or 3 meals, plus craving snacks in between.