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Word has been going around regarding a newly discovered and much better version of honey, the so-called 'Super Honey'. Although researchers claim that this product is a true scientific discovery, some people believe that it is simply a copy-cat of honey.

A bio-engineered product called Surgihoney (Super-honey) was produced in a farm in Southern Chile. The product was developed by Ian Staples, a local businessman in the area. He took on a project to identify and discover the “unique” health benefits associated with Super Honey.

Over a year ago, the product was tested on babies, cancer patients, new mothers and the elderly in Hampshire hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Within only days, the product helped in curing wounds, ulcers, acne and even infections caused by the superbug Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

Super honey was also found to be helpful to women after childbirth through caesarian section. Honey has also shown some effects in skin care such as in the treatment of acne, or for skin protection in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Most doctors believe that penicillin and antibiotics are still a better option for patients. Dr. Matthew Dryden, consultant microbiologist at the Hampshire hospitals NHS Foundation,  stated that Surgihoneyhas the potential to “…revolutionize wound care around the world.One specific highlight that he made is that Super Honey kills the bugs, without destroying the surrounding tissue, unlike several antibiotics.

Thus, Surgihoney has been proven to be able to kill bacteria, parasites and fungal infections, thus making wounds heal faster.

However, some people are still reticent to accept the claimed “wonders” of Super honey”, and they believe that this is simply an initiative from pharmaceutical companies to make some more money. Others add that since Surgihoney is not natural, you will not get the true effects of the honey. Some people are also worried that Surgihoney might have been genetically modified in laboratories thus decreasing his efficacy; and so raw and natural honey would be much more effective in healing infections compared to Surgihoney.

So what makes this any different?

Looking at prior researches made on honey, there seems to be no reason for messing with what was not broken. The product may be beneficial and hopefully not fake and void of nutrients like many honey-based products on the market, but at this point we are not very sure of how safe this product is.

But what make Surgihoney somehow special is the success stories that are associated with it. A newborn baby with MRSA infection following a gastric surgery was successfully managed with Surgihoney.

Results also showed that the use of super honey halved cases of wound infections after caesarean section from six percent to three percent. Among other success stories, there is the story of a 77 year old man who suffered from a severely infected leg ulcer putting him at risk of amputation; and whose symptoms were relieved with the use of Surgihoney. His leg was saved after treatment with honey.

With the success stories and the positive results, Super honey could truly be a reality. However, it is probably not a new concept. Honey has been used for centuries for these purposes, so Super Honey could simply be an extension of the already-known benefits of honey. Superhoney (Surgihoney) has already been licensed by UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. However, the “miracle” product is not yet available for purchase