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What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is a kind of artificial sex (as you do it alone when sex is meant to be happened between two people) and a workout for your sex organ which could enhance or depreciate your sex experience.. 

Is Masturbation a bad habit or wrong thing to do?

Absolutely not.. It is a myth that masturbation is a bad thing.. actually the truth is a bit contrary.. It is good habit for the health.. There is no side effects or whatsoever.. 

Why and How is it good?

We are supposed to be sexually active as it helps in many ways.. masturbation before sleep lets you sleep well, relieves you from stress, hours before actual sex lets you stay on for a longer time, before work lets you concentrate fully on the work, like any other muscles in our body, our penis is also a muscle and masturbation is the workout for the penis muscle.. everything is good about masturbation except one major downside..

What is the one and big downside?

Men can have orgasm up to 7 seconds while women could up to 19 seconds and also to achieve the orgasm women take longer time than any men.. So when men masturbate a lot and have orgasm sooner, it becomes a habit to the body or your penis and you will cum sooner when you have sex with any women.. If teens didn't understand this, the below explanation is for you..

Simple sex happens like a guy putting his penis inside a women's vagina and pump (move back and forth) by doing so you touch a specific part inside women that makes her feel tingly pleasure for her called orgasm and similar tingly pleasure feel for the guy.. The same happens when they both masturbate but while masturbation, they are into sex on their own single handed, men grab their sexual organ and push it to and fro which is kind of an artificial sex.. This is where the problem begins.. when does both the individual get this wonderful pleasure called orgasm, that purely depends upon your sexually active nature, the way of your sex at the moment, health.. So IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT BOTH WILL HAVE AT THE SAME TIME.. In most cases men get the feel first and once you get the orgasm your penis will not be on erection state, i.e it wont be strong as when you started having sex, so if it is not then you won't be able to continue having sex at that moment and your girl won't have the orgasm that you had.. If you don't satisfy your girl when you have sex then whatever happens, I will just leave it to your imagination..

One more important thing

When you have actual sex the intimation is too much than your masturbation.. while masturbating brain artificially gives a memory or feel about a naked women (if you are thinking a girl/women in your mind) and that is why I said masturbation is artificial sex during my first description about masturbation.. So as you know, there's a huge difference between artificial  image and real deal or I should say a naked girls image on your mind Vs a naked girl before your eyes where your human brain feels everything from her breath, smile, hair, skin tone, the feel of her skin touching your skin, which leads to orgasm quicker than a masturbation where you just imagine things or see porn virtually.. In short if your orgasm time during masturbation is short then your orgasm time during sex will be shorter.. As you keep on masturbating and having orgasm sooner and sooner, your erection period will be shortened and you will cum soon and this is what called as Premature ejaculation..

So guy should have orgasm after girl, easy right?

No it is not.. even when you have a average guys erection period it is a bit difficult and if you enter into premature ejaculation, it just gets more and more difficult.. No matter how many times you plan it mentally, when you entered into a girl, you will cum sooner than you would expect.. 

So no masturbation, right?

No, you are not right.. no masturbation is not the answer.. no wrong masturbation is the right answer and correct masturbation is the answer.. Masturbate all you want, just do it the right away..

What is the right way?

The moment you feel turned on or erected dont just start pumping your penis, just touch it and massage.. then pump it, three fast pumps and two really slow ones, until you are close orgasm and stop it.. relax, take a breath and then after 10 secs do it again.. use lubricants, and enjoy it.. try to feel it.. try to put a ring on the end of the penis which is close to the testicles using your left hand and then pump using the right hand.. whenever you feel close to orgasm stop it.. and never go close too close to orgasm, if you do it then even if you stop pumping, you will get the ejaculation but you won't feel the orgasm sometimes.. so always stop before getting too close to orgasm but if you did go to close to the orgasm, then don't waste it by stopping the masturbation, just go ahead and pump faster and enjoy it.. have a timer next to you when you start and note once in every 3 or 4 times you masturbate and see weather you are improving or not.. also if you are at a good state of ejaculation and your erection holds longer, then keep it that way, don't masturbate often, try once in three days or have scheduled like monday and friday and stay healthy.. 

I don't think I have that problem?

Believe it or not there are people who have orgasm during masturbation within 30 secs and if you want to know are you one of them, then start a hot or porn video of your choice and wait until you get a erection.. then start a timer and then start masturbation and once done, stop the stopwatch and see how long did you take.. If you are that guy, do not even worry a single bit, you can recovery.. it's just difficult but people with self control could again very very soon.. so do not worry.. not a bit.. just read the below also and make use of it..

Tips and Tricks

1. Either stand or lie down.. on the bed or on the floor on the bathroom shower, this is the only two appropriate position and the best one for the orgasm is lying down properly..

2. Use lubricants that is good for the muscle and doesn't pain your arm too..

3. Don't watch porn always, avoid it completely if possible as it is one of the reason for premature ejaculation.. Try watching images of celebs with clothes, hot pictures, half naked if that's your thing but if this can't help then watch porn but watch realistic ones.. porn stars won't have hairs, belly, they won't be fat, they will be PERFECT because they won't be real.. I mean when you get a girl friend she won't be a super model without any hair and perfectly sculptured body.. that has an impact over your mind.. 

4. Also start with hot images (not nude ones) in different sites while pumping, scroll through different sites and keep pumping with other hand.. when you are too close orgasm, let go of your penis, let it get small then play your fav type of porn and then start masturbating from the beginning and have a good orgasm..

5. As I said earlier, don't just pump the moment you feel turned on, first touch it, feel it, play with it, massage and then jerk.

6. Pump three fast pumps and 2 very slow pumps, if that seems difficult try different tone, 2 fast and 1 slow pump.. remember the theme, to take it as long as possible..

I have also given some tips above like schedule it accordingly and some other stuff..

Did I do it right this time?

Remember, it not your life's mission to make your penis stronger, masturbation is about enjoying and experiencing proper artificial sex and prepare you for the real deal so don't always concentrate on all the details and loose what is important.. Enjoy! Experience! Stay healthy There are two ways to find did you do it..

1. If you do it right, you will feel a pain, don't worry its just the pain you feel when you finish your workout on your hand after lifting dumbbells continuously. This is a proof why I described as a workout for your penis muscle at the beginning..

2. If you do it right every time, you will not feel the urge to masturbate right again for some time.. 

But if you still want to masturbate a lot, it's because you are young and like sex, you are at puberty.. So be open about it, spend time with your friends and don't keep these desires as secret and it gives stress or other mental pressure to you in the long run, try to get a girlfriend and don't always masturbate.. Try to live, sex and masturbation is not the only important thing.. It is just a very very small thing in a very small part of life.. life has more to offer..

Best Lubricants

I almost forgot this point.. do not use any risky or unknown products, chemicals or products that has chemicals.. use organic items alone and my best suggestions are..

1. Oil - Coconut oil is your best friend.. yes it becomes a bit messy but prepare before hand.. in bathroom no problem but in bedroom, then just have a old shirt dedicated for this, lie down, massage and masturbate with oil, once done clean it up and through it under the bed, let it be there always and after certain number of times, through and dedicate a new piece of cloth..

Coconut oil cools down human body, specially our penis and our cum has to be cool down which is a requirement for longer erection, coconut oil is good for health so you can even let it be like that only your inner wear will have oil stains.. other than that this is the best..

2. Your Saliva - you can use it separately but it will dry up soon, so use it when you massage with coconut oil, split some saliva and pump it and you will love it.. It's completely natural and you won't get any disease so don't worry.. If someone says it's a bad thing then tell them it's a myth and your saliva destroys any bacteria's on you, so don't worry, animals lick their wounds and their saliva is their only medicine to heal wounds..

3. Water - you could use water and saliva or water with coconut oil but water alone won't help you.. it will surely dry sooner than anything else..

4. Soap - if you are in shower and use shampoo or soap or conditioner then no problem, 1) make sure you don't let them touch your inner pink/red layer or at least the pee whole because they burn/irritate like our eyes do 2) clean completely don't leave anything..

If you are Indian, you will have coconut oil in home as we use them on hair for good hair growth and heat reduction, no one will doubt you for having it in your bathroom or in your bed room.. But if you are american or canadian or some other guy, tell it's good to use coconut oil to your parents and buy it first, then apply it in hair at night before sleep or half an hour before your bath in front your parents once or twice, so they will believe, then you may continue to have it anywhere you want.. When you shower, with shampoo, the oil will be removed so don't worry..

The major DON'Ts

1. Do not sit and masturbate - remember when the last minute of orgasm people tend ehhhhhhh with their body especially their foot and butt cheek.. well, foot won't get hurt or at least it will recover without you even knowing that it was hurt.. but masturbating while sitting on chairs or sofas we tend to bend our necks as the way we strain out body and foot and butt cheek.. butt cheek pains and recovers as foot.. but neck receives severe stress.. spinal cord is a collection of bones which is connected in between by a sponge like substance called as discs which will be absorb the stress and bulge.. if it bulges you will be in pain and will take months to recover and there is NO MEDICINE to heal from this problem.. even though doctors prescribe, no medicine has been found to reach out to discs.. So stay safe.. If you have pain at your neck and if you are someone who masturbates then you might be affected by this, I suggest you to stop masturbation for a month and sleep on a flat surface like floor without pillow, definitely not on a bed and not on a pillow..

2. Do not put your penis inside some whole and try to masturbate like having sex, if you miss it for a second during pumping, you will end up with severe damage.. You don't wanna break something that you can't fix for the rest of your life which you need really badly.. Also you can't give a proper explanation how it happened..

3. Clean your bathroom so that you don't slip in their and break something.. especially your something..

So this is it guys, I could speak about some other healthy foods and habits but unfortunately I don't have anymore time.. Also I have spent 2 hours in drafting this and I proof read half of it but I don't have anymore time so I'm sorry if it has any spelling, grammar, vocabulary mistakes..

If I find time again, I will surely write about How to satisfy your girl on bed especially for the first timers.. Until next time, stay safe, eat healthy which clearly is organic food and not junk food or fast food.. Remember everything I said.. about the tiny part of life is sex and the rest is out there, go out and get it.. play well, eat well, love, live, travel, explore, learn and share.. 

Or atleast remember this.. A wise person once said live.. dont just exist.. meaning life is meant to be lived and mere survival or existing is not enough.. And I saw some one say life is not meant to be lived.. CELEBRATE LIFE.. meaning mere living isn't enough for life.. CELEBRATE.. Until next time, see ya..



it feels so good. i play with my pu**y all the time :) i have been since i was like 7 years old. it’s very normal don’t be afraid!