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Hey I'm 18 and i just recently stoped smoking marajuana after the day i stoped i have been unable to breathe deeply anymore i also have mild ashma its never been this bad before im not sure if its after affects of not having the thc in my body. its been 3 days since and nothing has changed i still find it hard to breathe deeply (take a satifying breath) let alone not think about my breathing. what should i do? should i go see the doctor? when i was smoking i never took my preventer once i went to the chemist and asked about it and they said its probably mucus build up in my lungs. but how long till im normal again?


I would suggest you see the doctor and let him know everything about your history. I was nervous to do this at first, and they may give you a condescending look, but at the end of the day they will inform you of the health implications and have a better understanding of what to look for which will increase the accuracy of their diagnosis.