I don't know where to begin, so I'll briefly describe what I've been feeling. About a week and a half ago, I used this new deodorant, and I noticed that the next day my chest was hurting, my underarm, down my arm, and it felt like my chest was burning. Then, it started to feel like I had a pull muscle.

I went to the hospital and my doctor diagnosed with a pulled chest muscle. He did a breast exam and didn't find anything. I noticed that after the exam, I had burning sensation in my left breast, which was the same arm I felt the pain after using the deodorant.

Now, I've been belching excessively, feeling a little lightheaded, loss of appetite, leg cramps, and a pulling in my neck and right arm..like I've been working it too hard or something. I've also developed a fever of 100.00 that keeps going up and down. But, a 100.0 is definitely the highest. It seems like it's only high when I do or go somewhere.


I was diagnosed with acid reflux, but I don't think one simple problem will cause all of this happen. Also, I did a urine test and everything came out normal. I did a blood count, and my white blood cells were elevated. When i went back, the doctor said that it was still up not as much as it was when I first went there.


What do you think this could be other than acid reflux? Doctors just want to test you with no answers. Does anyone have this same problem or know someone with a similar problem.


By the way, I don't feel severely sick just tired of all the heartburn, chills, fever, lightheadedness, and belching, Also, my feet are cold and sweaty while I have a fever. Hope someone is able to help me out.