I have always been a little on the hairy side, and last year the problem seemed quite manageable - a little bit of hair bleach, some tweezers. It was okay. I then went through a period of time where I ate very little and I skipped 5 periods in the process. The hairiness didn't increase while my periods were absent. I got my periods back in early December and since then I have become spottier, and also especially in the past month I have got a lot hairier, there is now hair sprouting from my cheeks which is dark, and the regrowth of hair on my upper lip seems to be quicker. I get really stressed out about the spots and the hair, and I guess this can't help either.
I'm really self conscious and paranoid, and I really don't know what to do, I feel so abnormal.
I have always wondered was it due to my hormones because I am very flat chested, but my periods are very regular, and my two hormone tests while I wasn't having periods were normal hormone level, my last test when I was having periods the results were slightly low.
Could the increase in excess hair growth be due to my periods returning? If so, what can I do to solve this problem. oh HELP!