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 Okay, I am 14 years old, When I was young I was and I started to grow, I grew hair under my arms and I guess since my mother wasn't the best I shave not only my armpits but my arms, my butt, legs, stomach and thighs. Now since I m older it has caught up with me and I have hair on my boobs, thighs, legs, etc. I don t care about my arms because they aren't that bad but my stomach has long coarse black hair, especially under my belly button. And I also have hair on my boobs, they are as thick but it s kind of noticeable if I don t have a bra. I m scared to bleach it because I have dark skin. Next I have hair in my butt too. Idk how that even happened. And I hate that my thighs are hairy, like you can see the hairs if im wearing shorts and they are thick too. I ve also have a little hair on top of my upper lip and it makes me look like I have a mustache. What do I do??? ****side note: idk if this is contributing or not but maybe a month ago I went to the doctor s because I hadn't had my period in 2 months and she said I had a cyst. But that was like in November so is that contributing to the hairness for everything? I don t know what to do I m so self conscious : ( please help


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Nothing you did contributed to your hair growth. Shaving does not increase hair growth. Hair comes from your genetics and not necessarily from anyone you may know in your family. Both my sons are very hairy almost like Bigfoot but we have no seriously hairy living people in either me or my wife's family.