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i am a female and all of my body hair is pretty dark , on my legs when i shave it , it just looks like a bunch of dots and i find it very unattractive . this questions is for males , is this a turn off? and would you break up with a girl because they had too much hair?


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When I was 17 I liked a girl who was in the hot rod club I was in. She used to help me work on my car and one vision I always remember is her on top of the fender under the hood changing my spark plugs between rounds at the drag strip. It was quite a surprise when I saw her wearing something where her legs showed, she had more hair than I did. That didn't change the way I felt about her but she didn't have the same feelings for me so we never got together.

Another girl I knew in high school and would have liked to date was also hairy but she shaved her legs. We never dated but a few years after high school I was leaving the local airport after putting the plane back in the hanger and there were several girls standing at the fence wearing shorts. One of them stood out because she shaved her legs for longer shorts or a skirt and looked kind of funny with several inches of black hair below the short shorts she was wearing. I recognized her when she turned around and I saw her face --- it was her.

So hairy legs or arms never turned me off, it was the person who turned me on.

I grew up in a small mill town where there were several shoe shops and a cotton mill. The history of those mills was to employ lots of people from other countries. We had mostly French Canadians but also Polish, Greek, Armenian, Italian. A whole bunch of wonderful families and it was not normal for many of them to shave the way most Americans do.





The most important point a guy looks at a girl is whether she is healthy or not.
Being hairy or not hairy is not indicator of healthiness.
But it will be nice if you can shave it, making skin smooth.
In addition, unless it is due to genetics, hairy girls had better go check with doctor to see if there is any hormone disorder.
Hormone disorder may potentially cause hairy body and other conditions, like bad skin, bad mouth smell etc.