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Hi my name is Owen. I'm 12 years old and I am in a very hairy situation and I really do mean a hairy situation. Hair is growing every where on my body and this isn't some natural change in the body when you get older. This is soming unnatural, you can't see my skin at all because it's completely covered with hair and makes me look a ware wolf. It even grows on my palms, eye lids, under my toe nails, under my finger nails, the bottoms of my feet, outside my ears and inside my ear, in my belly button and on my lips and these are places where should not grow. So can someone tell me WHAT THE F*** this is?


Hi Owen,

See your doctor for an exam.  It sounds like a form of hypertrichosis.

Even if there isn't a cure you do have options including laser treatment.

Hang in there!