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my name is ashley.I am 17 years old. i have been together with my husband for 4 years. got married in sept. 10th 2012. both graduated highschool. he works 2 jobs i have a job. we have our own place. we get along great. we are recently trying to conceive because he wants a baby girl. as do i. i have trying to get information on how to do this. which involves tracking periods and ovulation and figuring out how long your menstrual cycle is but i have irregular periods. i can not find the right information on how to get pregnant fast. i dont know how to figure out when i ovulate. if anyone can help us, we would be forever greatful. we have considered home insemination. but im scared that im going to mess something up while doing that. so anyone who has thoughts or advice please help us. 

ashley faulconer


HI Ashley,

You can buy an "ovulation test kit."

Other ways are body basal temperature.  You track your temperature at the same time every day.  Your body temperature is slightly lower before you ovulate than after.  It takes a few months to figure it out.

Or, most women ovulate between days 11 and 16 of their cycle.  Remember, sperm remains viable for about 5 days so you can have sex before then.  48 hours after ovulation, the egg is not viable and you are unlikely to conceive.

I'd also suggest, relax.  We don't consider fertility issues until after a year of trying.  Stress can affect fertility.

Good luck.



thank you. very helpful information