Hello my name is Mark, I recently took two tabs of Lysergic acid diethylamide, or at least I thought they were. Im not going to dwell into the experience, but after around the 10 hour mark I started getting a immense pain in my head followed by involuntary spasms of my entire body. The pain is indescribable, I got taken to hospital I arrived and they took blood tests and gave me something to calm down my spasms. Anyway I was dehydrated and my calcium levels were dangerously low

After the first couple of days the pain persisted but at a much more tolerable level, the twitches remained but mainly on my right side (right foot, head jerk to the right) I started to get better but then I smoked some Marijuana. This brought the effects back on, I got better then for some reason decided to smoke some more. This brought back the effects alot worse, and ever since that I just haven't felt right in my head, im making alot of mistakes in general day to day things and its hard to think

My doctor told me it will go away fully in about 3 months, but nobody knew what happened to me, they say it happens alot but i haven't been able to find anyone that this has actually happened to. They tell to go see a physciatrist but there very expensive, Im just wonderring if anyone has heard anything about this happening to anyone or what happened to me?