when i was 16 yea i wanted a baby so bad, i was always very mature for my age so in my mind i knew to stay on that pill....when i finally found the right man for me we got preg yes i was 19 and now i am 22 and trying for kid #2 we been together for 4 years and we are getting married in like 3 months so my advise to you would be wait at least till u finish school cause those so called (i will watch your kid grandparents) wont be there for you when u wanna go to school and to the movies...when u want a romantic night with ur hubby and i cant work cause i have a disability and am workin on a check for it (very bad one at that) so unless you all are both workin you wont afford daycare (its more than rent for 5 days a week) literally 1 income will pay for daycare and the other will pay for bills...doesnt include, dates, doctor bills, GAS, makeup, deoderant, all that stuff you have to cut a bill short to buy.. i am not telling you not to do it but i advise you to really look at life the way it really is and at 16 do you really think that your boyfriend is gonna support you and your child...or is a chick with no kid gonna come around and he will like that better....you are young and so am I but i waited till i finished school, i even tryed college but daycare was to expensive....so please look around and see if you are really ready to give up in ur life to make this happen (remember you cant get ajob at all now without atleast a G.E.D) o.O