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Hi everyone, I have recently gone off birth control and I am not sure if all this is my body getting used to not being on BC or if I am feeling the beginnings of pregnancy. I finished my pack of pills, then had my period...(which was BARELY a period) My period started AUG 15. I have had unprotected sex with my husband since going off the pill. On AUG31 i started having cramps really bad cramps, which lasted for about 5 days. Since then, my nipples having been hurting me. They feel sore and hurt when i touch them they really hurt. I am not sure if all this can be from going off the pill, or if i could be pregnant. I have taken home pregangcy tests which have always come out negative. Has anyone else felt like this ?




This is happening to me too, but in my case my fiance and i have not been having sex. I want to wait until i get back on the pill soon, I am really weirded out by this though.