Hi im 28 years old and have had two m/c. First one was ten years ago it happened at 13 weeks and second on was 5 months ago at 7 weeks. i got diagnosed with hyperthyriodism/graves 2 years ago and have been on methamizole. 3 weeks ago I found out that I am pregnant again I am about 7 weeks maybe a little further. My doc took my off the methamizole and put me on ptu med instead. I did bleed for 2 and half weeks and now i all sudden stopped bleeding a couple days ago. I have had no cramping or pain. Had an u/s sound last week and fetus heart beat was 112 bpm. Doc said it was a little slow and that he would have me come back a week later for another transvaginal u/s. Witch was today. I had high hopes for this pregnancy because I had no pain and had stopped bleeding. Well the u/s didn't go well. The fetus hadn't grown much at all. Its was measured at 5weeks and 2 days and from calculation I should be about 7 to 8 weeks pregnant. And the heart beat had went way down. I'm just gonna keep praying that one day I will be able to carry a healthy baby full term. Weather a miracle happens with this pregnancy. Or next pregnancy. has anyone had a healthy pregnancy after 2 or 3 miscarriages with hyperthyroidism / graves? All answers would be greatly appreciated.