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hi im 7 weeks 3 days pregnant my doc did a u/s yesterday everything looked good but the heart rate was low 101 she told me  Iwas at risk of a miscarriage and the best to get an abortion is that a good opinion or should I wait or change doc im so

confused sad is the heat rate low ?


Hi Guest,

It is a bit low.  We'd be looking for about 120 bpm.  It's called fetal bradycardia.

If it was very low, below about 90 or so, then we'd be very concerned.

You CAN have a fetal echocardiogram to examine the heart BUT it's early.  We'd usually wait until the final trimester.  You can also consult a fetal cardiologist - NOW.

Don't do anything based upon ONE ultrasound. 

Hang in there.