I am so grateful for this website. We bought our new Tempurpedic mattress in August of 2010. By mid-November I began to notice my face was red when I woke up in the morning. My face was also ever so slightly swollen and at times I would have a headache and a slight sore throat. I never connected these symptoms to our new mattress. By Christmas I was experiencing an outbreak of hives on my face and in my scalp. I went to the dermatologist and he said my body was producing "an inordinate amount of histamines". I'm currently on Prednisone to curb these symptoms but I'm still symptomatic. The outbreaks are only on my face and scalp and not on any other part of my body. The appearance resembles a chemical peel. Unlike many of the people on this website I don't have achy joints, nose bleed or nausea. I moved to Houston in 2006 and my body has needed to make environmental adjustments just as it would any place I moved to. Naturally, I thought my problem was environmental and I really don't want to spend a King's ransom to have an allergist tell me they either don't know what's wrong or that it's environmental and, short of moving out of the area, isn't much they can do about it. Many people told me my symptoms mimicked what is called "Fifth Syndrome". I'm wondering now how many people are being treated for fifth syndrome who sleep on a Tempurpedic.

The epiphany came to me last night as I was battling insomnia from the odors emitting from the mattress (yes, still after 8 months) and experiencing immense "heat" even though we had the air-conditioner set to 68 and were sleeping under a sheet and light blanket. I Googled Tempurpedic allergies and the search led me to this web site. Tonight I move to the guest room to see if the symptoms abate. Part of me hope it isn't the mattress but a bigger part of me hopes that it is. I'm sick of being red-faced, swollen, hot when I sleep and just generally ill-tempered. If it is the mattress we're not even going to attempt to recoup the $3,000+ we will be out ($5k if the adjustable frame can't be used with a new bed!). The fact that Tempurpedic or the people who sell these mattresses offer no support to sufferers comes as no surprise. It is almost humanly impossible for someone to do the right thing when greed offers such a large reward. I can only console myself with the assumption that they, too, are sleeping on a Tempurpedic mattress. My body is telling me something is seriously, dangerously wrong. Maybe theirs isn't.