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I began having these problems a few months ago. I went to my primary he gave me some Donnatal for stomach cramps or IBS. I felt like I needed to see my Gastro doctor and he sent me for a CT and CTA scan the test results showed nothing. After going back to see him for two follow-ups I still don't know what or why I'm in pain. He just told me to take Milk of Magnesa and eat Beanos before I eat a meal. This is unreal! They get paid to tell you why, but all I'm getting is frustrated. My primary looked at my blood work and the CT Scans and said, "there is nothing wrong". I searched the internet this morning because I am not going out anymore because of my pain! I can't eat the foods that I like! The Donnatal stops the cramps, but does nothing for the bloating! I too am very frustrasted! I refuse to see another Gastro! I went to a long time friend of the family who is an herbable doctor for more than 60 years, and he told me that these doctors are LIEING ABOUT IBS!! They will not tell you the truth about this disorder. I bought something for the symptoms and trust me I'm trying everything! I am not going to have any type of unneccary surgery becasue they want to get paid! If anyone out there has found something other than what I'm taking or doing, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!



Given the intensity of the request, the fact that you've already spoken with a herbalist, and say you're trying everything, I will give you one more source of an answer. You can ignore it, you certainly need not spend more that $50, I would hazard a guess on it - but the accuracy of any information you receive will depend on the quality of the source.

I try to keep my new age background out of this site, but certain posts show people where the mainstream simply isn't working, and the intensity of their requests suggests it is only courteous to offer what I know.

--- If you want to stick with science and medicine - don't bother reading any further - if you're open to new age, read on ---

If you were already familiar with new age, then the smiple answer would be, go ask: ask a trusted resource, and see what they have to say. If you're uncomfortable with the idea that you have a soul, and it's more than happy to give you information (and already does, as we see it), then this isn't for you. If you're comfortable, you may need to do some work to find a resource to trust (not everyone is ethical, just as your herbalist seems to have a thing against doctors!), but if you start from a reputable book store, or established reiki centre, odds are you're going to be dealing with ethical, capable people.

Whether it has any beneficial effect is not something I can say: my partner's daughter was born with a condition that has defeated science, and while I haven't pushed for a solution - ultimately that would be crossing the mother's free will - nor has a tooth fairy tapped her on the head and made everything well. In other words, information is information, and I can't say what information you may or may not receive.

If you're uncomfortable with this, or post, feel free to re-pose the question, and see if someone else can help with a more traditional answer.