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this helpful to see the effort in peep who r tryn like myself...i have two kids...and cant seem to understand how 6 yrs ago i took 7 tabs a day and didnt get hooked and now im hooked for a mthly scrib. ne advise on how too wing it when u only been using for 2mths.


Hi... If I were you, I would read some of the horror stories on this site. Read about the long journeys that people go through only to postpone the inevitable which is that you can't take pills forever (I do suppose that you can if you want to live a life always chasing the "high" and being someone that you're truly not). You may feel like you're getting a nice little buzz now and it feels good... but soon enough that one or two pills that you're taking will no longer give you that good feeling and you'll be taking more... and more... and more. I'm sure that you know how it goes. I was addicted to 15-20 750 ml vicodine a day. I rode that rollercoaster for about 3-4 years. It started out with a simple monthly prescription due to a back surgery that I had. When I realized that I couldn't get off of the vicodine on my own, I went to a methadone clinic. After tapering at the methadone clinic for about 2 years, my counsler there suggested that I go on suboxone. I wish that I would have never listened to him. I've been taking suboxone for close to six years now and am trying to taper now. It's much harder that tapering from any pills... the withdrawals are the worst that I have ever felt!!! Do yourself a favor and either taper yourself... find the strength within yourself to do it! If you can't do it on your own, see a doctor who will help you out. If he suggests using methadone or suboxone, please, please have him do a quick taper on you! Whatever you do, don't use suboxone for longer than a couple of months. I would suggest not using it at all if you can... it attaches to your brain receptors and when it's time to let them go, it makes your withdrawals a nightmare. Please don't ever allow yourself to be a long time user of either suboxone or methadone... the longer you use it, the harder it is to stop... doesn't matter what it is. You're in a place now to where you could be pill free on your own before you get too addicted. Save yourself before you end up being completely controlled. It's not a good way to live life. Good luck... peace & light.