I have been in a relationship for 5 years I doubt I would be cheated on but after my partner performed oral sex on me I got a burning feeling in my urethra. I didn't say anything because I wanted to get it checked out ASAP! Of course like any one I went and got checked whilst down the clinic hey asked if I wanted a full screening so I went for it. Got checked for EVERYTHING and got the all clear, well 8 weeks down the line I still have burning in the tip of my penis and a weird feeling in my anus like there's something there but there isn't? Also my lower back feels like it's burning sometimes? Wt could this be? Yesterday my left ball felt liked it had been kicked several hours prior and had this throbbing pain to it. I've spoke with my partner and she says I should go to the doctor but it's hard to find time with work. Please please please help.

P.s I have bubbles in my urine now too and it feels like I'm not emptying properly (sorry for poor terminologies.) any advice is greatly appreciated I'm so worried I have children and I hope it isn't cancer.