Hi all,

I was interested in doing a marathon, and I signed up with a local running group for coaching, associated with the marathon. The coach had me do the following, even though I told him I had only been running 5k once or twice a week, along with cycling a few hours a week. (I've walked half-marathons in the past.)

week 1: 17 miles
week 2: 16 miles + elliptical & treadmill & cycling
week 3: 23 miles + elliptical & treadmill & cycling
week 4: 35 miles + cycling
week 5: 38 miles + elliptical + cycling

Then I was injured. I thought there was supposed to be some sort of 10% rule, but I trusted the coaching team because my coach was recommended by the head coach, who coaches all the fast people in town, and has gone to the marathon trials himself.

Is it ever ok to increase mileage like that? Or was this coach just setting me up for disaster?

The head coach says there is an art to coaching when I asked him about this. I thought there was more of a science.

P.S. The coach told me I could do the marathon, but that I would be happier on event day getting a good time on a half-marathon than suffering through a full marathon. He did not say it was a bad idea or try to talk me out of it otherwise.