My 37 yr. old son had intussusceptions surgery Aug. 9th, 2008. Six inches of small intestine were removed and biopsied. There was no malignancy, no tumors or masses and according to the surgeon nothing that looked suspicious while he had him opened up. He said he also removed his appendices during this surgery. Right after surgery he was treated for an abscess and UTI, both have been resolved. Since having the surgery my son has lost 50 lbs., constant right sided abdominal pain, diarrhea (sometimes loses control). He has had numerous CT scans, lab work and stool cultures. Recently a doctor ruled out crohn's because he said it showed nothing on the CT scan. Just wondering if anyone might have heard of this happening and might have some insight to the problem. According to what I have read it is rare that an adult will have an intussusceptions and if they do there is usually some underlying medical problem. But it seems no one can figure out what is causing his discomfort.