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I was wondering if anyone can help me, i had an ERPC (like a D&C) done on the 28th March 2007 after a blighted ovum was detected during my routine 13 week scan. i was told that my period should return between 4-6 weeks but nearly 13 weeks has paased and still no period. i went to my gp who told me to relax and it wud come naturally and to go back and see him if 16 weeks pass and he will do a hormone profile to see whats goin on. i noticed however what i think was me ovulating on 14th or 15th of June. i had sex with my husband a couple of times around this time. then on 24th June i noticed some watery pink/brown blood wnen i wiped so i was overjoyed and thought that my period had finally returned. i wore a pad that day and have had period like cramps for two days since, however no more blood has appeared! i keep expecting when i go to the loo to see it but nothing! it seems only to have been a few drops of watery blood. i tested negative on a hpt on the day before the spotting and i'm desparate to do another test but i'm afraid of doing it too early. when would you suggest i do another test. does this sound like implantaion bleeding or what else could it be?


Hi, I know you wrote this post ages ago, but did you end up being pregnant?