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Hi girls,

anyone here has tried Marilu Henner's body victory diet? I found some DVD collection on the internet , consisting of three DVD-s. Do you have any of them?

What can I learn from these DVD programs?

I have heard all positive things and experiences about this diet and this DVD programs, so I must say that I am very curious :) As always!

I think this is an excellent program! Balanced and not that difficult to follow.

Please, if you know anything else, let me know. I want to learn as much as I can about this.

Did you have success with this diet?

Keep in touch! 


Hi darling,

my brother bought me the Body Victory for my birthday a few years ago. I started this 21 day program, and I have lost 17 pounds, even before this 30 day process was over. On these CDs or DVDs you can learn a lot of things. You have a cookbook, grocery list, DVD pilates. And, the most important thing is that this is not expensive at all.

Basically, Marilu helps you to organise your life in every single field. That is amazing. So, I think that this is the time that you need to start with this program. Order these CDs right now :), that is my advice.

Best wishes



Hello everyone,

this diet program is amazing, but I don't like these DVDs or CDs. I think you can follow this program without it. I found a lot of interesting facts about this diet online, exercise tips, menu program, so I don't know why should I buy this DVDs. Maybe I am wrong, but this is my opinion. Basically, the main rule in this program is to avoid caffeine!

I repeat, I love this diet, and Marilu Henner is amazing person, but I think that buying these DVDs or CDs is just waste of your money.

I hope you can understand what I am saying to you.