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I had an natural early miscarriage 6 weeks ago, and havent had my period. However a couple nights ago, I had sex with DH and then had a little light brown discharge. The next morning, light bleeding for a half a day and now pink discharge. Is this supposed to be my period? Is there anyway it could be implantation bleeding? Were still ttc. I have taken a hpt as of this morning. Actually a couple. I swore I saw a faint line on the EPT but nothing on the FRER. Anything will help thank you!



That does sound like implantation bleeding and it is possible to be pregnant again so soon, i know this from personal experience. My period never returned and i found out i was pregnant! the pregnancy hormone could be too low to detect . . maybe go to the doctors and explain you've not gt your periods back and ask for a blood test to detect pregnancy as they are much more sensitive?