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We are trying to conceive. My ovulation was on 12 March and we had sex on the days prior to and the day of ovulation. It is now 20 March and I have had nausea for the last two mornings, I’m very tired, & had some lower abdomen cramping, also my pallet seems to have changed slightly. I remember feeling like this with my son, but not my daughter, and I do not remember how long it took to start feeling the symptoms; other than it was sooner with my son than my daughter.
--Is it possible to be having these symptoms this early? I’m not schedule to start again until 26 Mar (next Monday).
--When can I take a home pregnancy test? And when would a blood test be accurate?
--Could I take a blood test on this Friday, 23 Mar??

Thank you


Pregnancy symptoms can show up as early as a week to as late as four and sometimes for the lucky ones nothing at all, you could take a home pregnancy test about a day or so before your missed period, blood test can be taken a little sooner and can show up ealier before a home pregnacy test will......Let us know how you come out....Wish you lots of baby dust~!~