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Have pain for 4 day on/off slowly getting worse?

located on lower left abdomen, feels stinging and stops when lying on my back, worse when snize move around or lay on right side and when walking, came on very suddenly.

I am 35
history of SH and repeted surgy on abdomen


Since you say you had repeated surgery in the abdominal area and because the pain stops when you are on your back, there is a chance that you might have developed a hernia. That means that surgeries have weakened your abdominal muscles to the point where some part of your gut is able to push itself towards the skin and that, of course, creates problems and pain. When you are on your back, there is no pressure on the abdominal wall, so the pain goes away. Since it's getting worse, as you say and because there might be danger of complications, you really need to see a doctor about this.