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Hi. Im a 16 year old male. For about a week now i have been having pains in my abdominal region about and inch away from my belly button. At first, i wasn't able to use the restroom (poop) but i had an anemia and used the restroom a little bit. The pain still continued on the next few nights. I urinate properly too. But it feels like a sharp needle. This only comes to me at night and then the pain goes away in the morning. one of my friend's mom suggested that its probably my appendix because i have no reflux or constipation. Any suggestions or advice? Will need all the help i can. Also thinking that it's not a hernia as well. 


You might have suffering this abdominal pain because of gas or the cramping of stomach flu. You must go to see your dietitian and check for your digestive system. your possible cause can be Appendicitis, Inflammatory bowel disease,Bowel blockage or obstruction. If it is just a simple tummy ache, there are several things you can do. See more information provided by top health experts on superdrugsaver pharmacy.