abdominal stomach pains on my left side that cant find any answer to what it is. been in hospital four times now and still being sent home with no treatment that helps me. i have all pain killers that doctors can describe and even morphine dont even do anything. also had all ct scans,ultra sound and camera below back and front. i have 12 doctors looked at me and not one can tell me what it is. i have a sharp crushing pain that when i walk ,shout and eat in triggers it off more. i go to the toilet 3 times daily to empty out and in and out to pee all day. also had enimas. i even asked to be operated on to find out the pain and was refused, and even wrote to c4 emb bodies and heard from them. also got hitaus hernia and a hernia above my belly button and a kidney stone on my left and have narcoelpsy and catalepsy. can anyone help.