Accute Pancreatitis...3 weeks in the hospital, feeding tube for a little over 2 weeks. Now that I'm home it's been hell finding the perfect diet. First, small portions is very important to control pain. Also no fried foods, red meat, sugar, carbs...the best thing to eat are fruit and veggies. for breakfast I eat fruit with 1 toast and water. Snack is usually yogourt, jello, or fresh veggies. Lunch I eat half a cup of soup, and a turkey or chicken sandwich, again, small portions are very important, Supper I'll have chicken, turkey or pork in the oven or bbq, rice, and veggies. I find if I bbq my food, it sucks all the fat out and doesn't cause as much pain. It's all a big game of trial and error. Sometimes, I'll even have half a bbq'd burger. Just stay away from the stuff I mentioned earlier. This is a diet my doctors gave me when I was discharged from the hospital.