I had my gallbladder removed in 2005 and its really been a learning process as far as controlling the symptoms I have experiences. About a year after foods started affecting me. I've searched so many sights and haven't really found a diet to help the problems. What I would suggest is keeping a food diary of what works for you. Here are the foods that help me.
Breakfast actvia yogurt with grapenuts and hot decaf tea.
Lunch turkey sand, no mayo and baked chips, water or decaf tea
Dinner grilled chicken, minimum spices, rice, pasta or baked potato, and steamed veggies

Basically when eating out you want to watch your portions. I only eat half of my food. I stay away from dressings, may especially mustards. Instead of fries I order steamed veggies. Always ask what types of sauces are on your sandwiches. Turkey burgers are great for me. When eating pizza which my family loves I just orde a kids pizza cheese only and have 2 small slices. You will eventually get used to the smaller portions and feel full and feel much better in the long run. If I do get an upset stomache by eating something wrong I have a ginger ale and that helps me. If it gets really bead I have a vanilla shake and that puts out the "fire" in my tummy. Hope this kinda helps some people with ideas it works for mee.