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Shall be having my gallbladder removed because of multiple large stones causing much pain and discomfort.  I also suffer from acid reflux and hiatus hernia, which is increasingly failing to respond to any medication or dietary changes.  I don't get regurgitation or what I would call real herartburn, just this rising unpleasant, acidic "vapour" going into my mouth and nose and am now only managing about two hours sleep a night.  It comes on randomly; I've got it now, sitting upright at my computer having not eaten for 10 hours and having taken medication about 2 hours ago.

The reflux and hiatus hernia were diagnosed by barium swallow and oesophageal manometry, but it turned out that all the pain was due to these gallstones and I only developed reflux symptoms a few weeks after the first gallstone attack. Perhaps I'm refluxing bile vapour. You know what it's like - you think of 1001 questions you wished you asked as soon as you have left the doctor's room.  I don't think I can face any more tubes down the throat to establish this!

My surgeon seemed quite confident that the reflux symptoms would resolveor improve with the removal of my gallbladder and he is top of the field, so I feel I should just put myself in his hands.  But I haven't been able to resist searching the internet and so far, I have only managed to find one success story regarding acid reflux/hiatus hernia symptoms resolving when the gallbladder was removed - but there seem to be dozens telling how these symptoms became worse!

If you have a success story about the above, please let's hear it!!


SD, London, England




My full reply is on this site responding to "Basso Profundo" under Acid Reflux. I had acid reflux and a hiatal hernia but not gallstones. What I do know about having your gallbladder removed is that you probably have go close to a vegeterian diet as possible. Also, greasy fattening meals are out of the question because you can no longer digest fats properly. Leave all acidic foods alone as well. Your life now is about think before you eat until you learn to instinctively know what to shop for or order when you're eating out. You may have to become one those people who eat several small meals rather than a couple of large ones. It's also a chance that if you eat pastas and breads especially made from wheat it is slowing down your metabolism hindering your digestion process. A book that can possibly help you is, Blood Types, Body Types, and You". I follow it 80% of the time. Best Wishe