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I'm pretty sure I have IBS type A (alternating between diarrhea and constipation) and I was just wondering if anyone else with this took acidophilus to help and how it worked out for them. I just started taking it today so it's too early to tell but any hope that I can have my life back would be greatly appreciated!

I posted earlier today as a guest and then figured I should just register bc this seems to be a great place to get peace of mind. I'm 24, Female, generally pretty healthy aside from anxiety and depression. I am taking Xanax for anxiety and will be going on meds for depression soon as well, but my bowels are a mess. I've suffered from the anxiety and depression for about 15 years so i'm assuming that my gastro issues are related or may even be caused by the long term untreated (until now) anxiety.



Probiotics could very well help you. Stress (both physical and mental) is known to affect your levels of good gastrointestinal flora, so you could benefit from taking a supplement.

Hope it works out!