I have received information pertaining to my stomach from my Gastro. He stated I have IBS. I believe in the power of prayer. I'm taking the meds he prescribed as well as using other alternatives. My herbal doctor gave me something that has all the things that Dr. Oz or the Dr. Doctors recommend for stomach discomfort. Thank God! I don't have any major medical problems with my stomach. After reading what others has tried I began to relieve that I am doing all I can to eat and to be comfortable. This condition after researching on the internet tells you, the symptoms, what you can and cannot eat. But, there is not a quick fix to the problem. I just wanted to share the fact the my Stomach Formula along with the medication my doctor prescribed does help.

I have the FAITH OF A MUSTARD SEED! God can do all things but fail! Prayer helps those who seek HIM!

God bless those who are going through! Stress can indeed cause some stomach problems! But GOD be the GLORY!