Ok so i don't know what it is i just pointed out to it as acne because it looked like it though it might be some kind of acne . For 3 days ago i developed it on my strech mark on the belly , when i first saw it it looked red in a size of a pea , i tried to squeezed it , it hurted me so bad and then white puss come out it looked like semen liquid of men just so you could imagine it , and then i squeezed more and more blood come out ., and after i squeezed it again a clear water come out it's like water doesn't have a colour . so in order to prevent infection i rubbed Alcohol on it now it has developed a red scab . i'm worried of what might it be , any thoughts ? has it happened to anyone ? i hav acne on my face and sometimes my back and shoulders too , but it's first i got something similar on belly's strech mark . thanks !