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Hey guys, i'm 16, and im a male.. and im REALLY WORRIED!!

I have had a lump probably the size of a pea on my bum cheek since about a year ago and it hasnt went away (although i think it might have gotten a bit smaller..) , and now its developed a sort of a brown (darker) colour so it stands out from my skin. However, i do not feel any pain when i touch it as i did when i first got it.

Just about 2 days ago, i discovered that i had another small lump on my pelvis, and the next day, i realised it has gone much bigger. Whenever i touch or squeeze it it hurts, and its a tiny bit red as well.

Ive done some research and im suspecting it may be a lymph node. There is no puss or liquid or opening on either of them.

Im really worried and i have no idea what to do. I feel a bit :$ about seeing a doctor about it because of the awkward areas which is affected, so i HOPE to find a solution without having to see one.

Note: It just turend spring in my country and i have been having allergies lately.. I have really bad hayfever T_T. Would this have anything to do with it?

Does anyone know whats wrong with me? or what i can do? =[

Thanks for reading


BUMP im really scared.. please help