I was in an accident 6/2007 and had a hip replacement with the cable grip system. I went back to the surgeon seven times since things were not right and 4/07 he told me nothing was wrong and I could walk. Well I had a second surgery by a different surgeon 11/08 in Big Houston, ( I spent months finding him). Well here I am 4/09 and I still use a walker. My hip muscle gluteus medius does not work. I have had three visist since my surgery and now he tells me to come back 6/09 and maybe I cqn start agressive therapy July 09. Just when my cobra insurance runs out.
My questions is: I can't believe therapy is going to help me with my leg that has been flat out to the side and my leg is three inches short since the first week after the accident. Can anyone give me informatioor a clue for hope Thanks ct