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As I am new to this condition I seek advice from those who have had a similar experience. here is my story,

The last part of June I started to experience pain in the upper stomach area after eating. First couple times it went away after a few hours. The third time it last for a couple days. I went to the doctor and the blood work showed it was probably gallbladder. I had more tests including an ultrasound of the gallbladder and they said it was full of stones and had to come out. I had the surgery on July 12, came home same day. The surgeon did a dye test during it and said I had a stone in the bile duct. He sent me to a digestive doctor and he said I would need an ERCP. I had that done on the 20th. when I woke up I was having stomach pain.I went home but in 3 hours time I was in the er because the pain just got worse. They did a ct scan and said I had pancreatitis and that it ESA caused by the ERCP. I stayed in the hospital for the next 9 days. I had multiple IV,s and had severe diarrea due to the antibiotics. I had nothing to eat or drink for 7 days. The pain eased after about 6 days and I came home on the 10th day.

I have been home now for 10 days. I forgot to mention that I have been a type 2 diabetic for 15 years. I still don't feel good although I do feel some better than I did the day I came home. I am eating a very low fat diet and have lost 20 pounds since this started. My blood sugar has been in the 200 to 300 range ever since entering the hospital. I am now on insulin and it is gradually coming down. I do have some stomach pain still but it doesn't seem to last very long at a time. I also feel sore in the stomach area.

My questions are How long does it ake to get over this? should I be feeling better than I am being home 10 days? Is the stomach pain normal for a while? I am just frustrated that I don't feel better than I do. The doctor says my blood work levels are almost normal again but I just don't feel it. Any advice or comments welcome.



Having gone trough this 6 times and over 70 days in the hospital in the past 26 months, stick to the low fat diet. It really does wonders. But you can not cheat on it. When you do, you pay for it. Remember that anytime you vacuum, mop, clean carpets, etc., your putting pressur on you chest and it will irritate your Pancease. Lifting or carrying heavier things will also but on that pressure on your chest and irritate it. Not all the Dr..s will tell you that. Do what you feel is ok, and get help from someone for the rest. It's the little things that no one will tell you that will make you stronger!