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So basically im writing this because i had a tonsillectomy at age 22 male and was reading all the horrible experiences on here that really scared me. I have had tonsillitis a couple times a year since i was a kid and never had them removed. I started developing tonsil stones as well which is what really pushed me to get them removed. Just wanted to give hope for some people because this surgery really was pretty easy for me. I had the standard cold knife and cauterize method done. I think only people that have horrible experiences are pushed enough to write on here, my doc said that about 80% of people are good after 3 days which is basically what happened to me.

The day of the surgury was by far the worst. it was probably an 8/10 in pain right after surgury. I could barely take sips of water until night time. i was also spitting up blood old and new, not that much like a 1/2 a cup max the whole day, i also felt as if there was alot of blood in my stomach which made me a little nauseated, but nothing serious that would have made me go to the ER. I made sure to take my pain meds every 4 hours which helped alot with the pain the first couple days, that and a humidifier. I had the humidifier running 24/7 for first week in my room which i think helped alot.

Day 2 pain wasn't that bad probably a  4/10. It is always worst in the morning, but it would get better after drinking water, as long as i kept my throat moist pain was at the pain was just a 3/10

Days 3-14      pain was not bad at all i was eating mcdonalds on day 3, even though it took me 45 minutes lol,  it was always worst in morning and after eating, but pain medicine would make it almost unnoticable. It felt like a bad case of strep throat most of the time.

I am now 20 days post op and barely even notice i had the operation done. In the morning my throat is still a little sore but nothing that doesnt go in a few minutes.

Oh and even though i was able to eat pretty much any food it always had to be room temperature or else my tongue and throat would burn really bad. Avoid spicy foods and things like orange juice made my throat burn so bad. I also had to chew a long time each meal for the first 10 days. It would take me about 30-40 minutes to finish a meal whereas now it only takes me 2 lol. I made sure to chew well because I was scared of my scabs falling off to early and bleeding, but with chewing and avoiding things like chips my scabs just slowly started disappearing over 15 days when I couldn't really see them anymore.

I know that everyone is different but I just wanted to give some people hope and confidence, as I was terrified going into the operation after reading all the reviews about the worst pain I was going to experience, but it wasn't that bad at all thank God.




I am a 45 year old female and had my tonsils removed 4 days ago. I almost didn't go thru with it because of all the scary experiences I've read. needeless to say I feel fine except the soar throat of course. I see it as having strep throat.  the key to a quick recovery is to stay hydrated!!! Chew on ice and cold constAntly. I opted out with heavy pain meds cause they make me drowsy so I only take Tylenol at night. Glad to finally get rid of these things :