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i have had some annoying symptoms for over a month now. i am beginning to be worried. i can not be pregnant tho i am just a teen.

i have never had sexual intercourse! so i can not be pregnant right?
i have been in some weird situations but the chances of pregnancy are like 0 % right?????

i have had symptoms of abdominal swelling and a soreness behind my breastbone, swelling, and it seems that my body is getting bigger(hips, genital area i dont know) but it has to be something other than pregnancy right?
like an infection or disorder or something right?

i have had additional symptoms such as the swelling is worse after eating, sounds, foul smelling stool and urine, bumps and redness around body, irritation of genital with yellowish odd smelling discharge. my abdomen seems tender and somewhat sore! i have been tired and stressed and i do not know what to think anymore. i am trying to get to a doctor as soon as possible but i just want to have some advice for the time being.

if i havent had sex ever then i cant be pregnant, i know i just need some reassurance.. please reply with advice!


so my boyfriend was stimulating both of us by just rubbing his penis on my clitoris he then ejaculated on my stomach I wiped it off with a tissue but then cleaned myself off with the same tissue is there a chance I could be pregnant this happened just tonight and I'm very scared I'm still a teenager