I've had 2 cortisone shots and four alcohol injections for a neuroma on my foot. After the first alcohol injection my second toe started crossing over my big toe. I mentioned this to my Dr at my next appt but she justed brushed it off and said it wasnt related to the injection. After my next injections my toe just got worse. I've had no relief for the pain and my foot was constantly brusing. Last night at work I squated down to pick up an item and when I stood up I got a terrible pain in my foot and it started swelling. When I got home that evening I couldnt move my toes and my second toe was in a weird posotion over my big toe. I went to have it x-rayed and found out it was severly dislocated. I believe the alcohol injections weakened the tendons and this caused the dislocation. I have an appt with my foot dr tomorrow .