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my husband swears up and down he is not drinking, and yet on at least 3 occassions recently, he has had symptoms of slightly slurred speech, increased talking, and general mannerisms that remind me and 2 of his friend of times where he did drink. He even blew a .07 on a home breahalizer test when he was not drinking. please help!! is there a medical explaination for this.

he uses no medication, or drugs

he is tired often, and very difficult to rouse in the am.
he drink A LOT of cola (2-3 2 liter bottles a day)
he does chew tobacco 1 x a day or once every other day

please help!!


:) Hello. I hate to say it but it really sounds like he's drinking. The home breath test would not register unless it was in his system. Just tell him to be honest with you and it would make it alot easier on both of you. Test don't lie.



Hi, actually alcohol can register even if the person has not had any drinks at all. With a yeast infection (candida) the intestine ferments, causing alcohol, and this would show up on the test.

So both were right, tests dont lie, but he is probably telling the truth.

I know this because I had the same problem, and still do, as I cant drink any alcohol at all, but still shows up alcohol in my system when testing.